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Our History

Eurospugna was founded by Giovanni Cannamela in 1945 as a manufacturer of natural and synthetic terry cloth products.

Domestic production of manufactured goods started with sisal slippers (a fibre gathered from the agave plant) made with unique, patented machines that are still considered state-of-the-art today.

These were the golden years of the perfumery, when Mass Distribution was still a distant concept and so Cannamela decided to enrich the collection by also producing soft, terry cloth slippers to coordinate with beautiful sarongs, bathrobes and bathroom accessories.
With the appearance of large retail competitors becoming increasingly more imposing in the industry, Eurospugna became the first retailer to trust in this new market and so introduced the distribution of soft slippers for the home in one of the most important Italian retail supply chains.

Over the years, the company became the production platform of slippers for one of the most important Italian underwear and homeware retailers. This experience was incredibly beneficial and a significant learning curve.

The company went from strength to strength in major retail supply chains, and this has led us to where we are today. We now stock our intimate wear in more than 1,000 stores nationwide. This success is accompanied by the emergence of new production lines: non-slip socks for adults and children alike, which fulfil the concept of "Seeing the world from your feet" corporate philosophy.
As an homage to our first tentative steps into the business we have introduced a small line of synthetic terry cloth bathrobes for babies. This niche was made in accordance with the spirit of innovation in terms of colour and visual impact in what was then a static market.
But the concept that best defines us is the ability to transform an ordinary product for self-use into a fun, impulse buy, almost like a must-have gadget.

Glow in the dark slippers and socks that are easy to find during the night have become our best sellers.
But nothing can beat the everlasting Italian piece that can be found in any household: the terry cloth slipper.

Eurospugna continues to grow by introducing articles devoted to the technological world to its collection.
Gloves @TOUCH (meaning you can still use your touchscreen smartphone without having to get chilly hands!) have brought further success and company visibility in a new sector.
Next comes TABULOS@, another ingenious development for computers that reflects the company’s concept of comfort for everyday technology use too.

The heart of our company philosophy remains "Seeing the world from your feet" and we have many new and innovative ideas in mind. Follow us and over time you’ll discover all our new products created especially for your comfort...

Choose Eurospugna and we will be your companion when you need to find a relaxing moment.